Canadian Food For Children - Okanagan Division  (page updated Jan.4/18)

blank Volunteer Depot and Drop Offs:   #101 - 165 Okanagan Avenue E.,  Penticton, BC (no Mail here)
blank ~ Only Tuesday and/or Friday between 9:30am and 2:30pm ~

** All Mail to:
  PO Box 339,    #113 437 Martin St.
  Penticton, BC     V2A 5L1

Canadian Food For Children - Okanagan - Promo Video by Shaw Cable on YouTube
the location of the shoot was at our NEW Building on Okanagan Ave.E., Penticton
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Another Truck Load has been shipped
late November with help from the Gleaners
Thanks to Everyone!


**Results of A.G.M. Elections held February 17, 2017**

President: George Bruneau
1st Vice-President: Linda Flynn
Secretary: Jeannine Rowsell
Member-at-large: John Olivier
Immediate Past President: Joanne Martin
2nd Vice-President: Rita Runge

Member-at-large: Bob Anderson

A huge Thank You to all those people holding office this year!
and Special Thanks to Joanne Martin for all those years as President!
and Thanks to Joan Johnson as our past Secretary.

Click: For more information arising from the 2017 AGM.
ie: minutes, financial statement and pie charts.
Opens our NEWS PAGE

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Our New Sign


~ Recent photographs received from CFFC Head Office ~

LEFT: 1999 - Jennifer at 1yr-5 months at 5.9kg
        El Salvador

BELOW: 2017 - Jennifer with Dr. Simone & Joan in El Salvador
        Note: one of CFFC-Okanagan Division Hospital Boxes

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